About TCC


The Copyright Company (TCC) opened in 1991 on historic Music Row in Nashville with the goal of setting the tone for great business arrangements in regard to copyright administration. Offering tailor-made services to meet a client's needs and providing clients with personalized attention helped TCC achieve this goal.

TCC was established during a time when many publishers were interested in outsourcing their copyright administration. By doing so, they could focus on the creative side of publishing and save money by reducing the overhead of their copyright department, which handles the many complex aspects of copyright administration.

In the mid 1990s, TCC saw a need on the production side and began helping individual producers, artists, and companies that created various types of music products. A service was implemented that secured the permissions required for such products as well as accounting for multiple categories of royalties due from the products.

The Copyright Company dedicated itself to making the business side of music harmonize with the creative side with services that made it easier for creators to focus on the music itself.